-- Especially for Kristina and other romantic souls that want to know all the details about popping the question. --


The 30th of April is my birthday - as you all know by heart I'm sure - but Kris would not let me plan anything on that day : no birthday party, no Swedish or music classes, no stepping by the pub, and not even a day off from work. The latter being really outrageous and out of the question (I refuse to work on my birthday !), I hit the town with Isabel and Liesbeth. (Kris : "Shiiiiit, not Leuven of all places where I still need to pick up the ring !!")

All along, Isabel knew the cards (one day revenge will be mine !), so when I started speculating about Kris maybe proposing to me that night, she plainly told me :"Well Wendy, you know just as well that chances are very small that he'll be proposing tonight, and when he won't, the entire evening will be ruined for you, so you'd better not hope for it because it isn't going to happen tonight." (Sweeeet revenge !!!) Thank God Liesbeth thought Kris HAD TO propose that night, otherwise she'd personally kick his ass. (Take an example to that, Isabel !)

At night, Kris took me out to dinner at La Cantina del Coronel, a very nice restaurant, but really not the place where you propose to anyone. Shit. Then he even took a plastic bag containing my birthday present from the car... a bag ?! An entire, big bag for a tiny little ring ? Damn, damn, this was really going totally wrong !

During dinner Kris would not stop trying to find out what I thought my present would be... as if I was going to answer to that !!!! (He knew very well what I was hoping for, bastard, and he knew very well that I could never admit to that, because imagine it would have been something else...) Every hint I got in advance (and there were very little as he did not want to take any risk), could possibly apply to a ring, but the sheer size of the package... I even tried : "You didn't by any chance follow my sister's example and wrap it up in a bigger box so that I would never guess what's inside ?" But unfortunately, the answer to that was : "Can't you see that I've quickly wrapped it up in a newspaper because I simply didn't have any time left ? Do you really think I would have had time for some wrapping games then ?" Damn damn. Moreover, he suddenly wanted to go and have dessert elsewhere... well okay... or have a drink somewhere else... the point being that I still didn't get my present, aahrgl, two more fingernails down.

And so we were off to... the Wiering... AHAAAAA ! *ping ping* Good news, because our very first kiss was in the Wiering, ahaaaa ahaaaaaaaaaaa !!! But still, the enourmous size of that present... On the way there I was thinking that maybe he would be original, you know you don't always have to propose to someone with a ring, there are other ways. But still...

In the little entrance way in front of the Wiering I could FINALLY open my present, mouhahahaahh paper torn away... what was inside... the box of a navigation system ? *ugh*... But within milliseconds it came to me : open the box, of course, open the box !!! And oh yes, the box was completely stuffed with newspapers and other rubbish, and somewhere between all that there was this little minuscule box that Kris took out of my hands in a flash before he went down on one knee. :)))))))) And then there were tears, I'm embarrassed to admit. :)